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240; 22 Bom, L, R, 488 (P, 0,), (Relied ,ri " 553 H oenald.

A bitset that can cover all values is a 210-byte table. John Cowan suggested that except for Teng/Tfng, the second letter of the script code is redundant, so you can special-case those two, remove the second letter, and use the same algorithm as for ISO 639-2.

However, we can't expect that the JAC would follow any particular restrictions, and the set of scripts is still a relatively small number, so this probably isn't worth it.

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We were looking at validation of 7,000 base language entries and Markus had an idea.

Algorithmically map the two-letter codes onto values from 0..675, and the three letter codes onto 676..18251 (just over 14 bits). One could do the same for region codes, with two-letter codes from 0..675, and then 3-digit codes from 675 to 1,675 (about 10.7 bits).

m -eg INDIAN CASES CONTAINING FULL REPORTS OF DECISIONS OF The PRIVY COUNCIL, the High Courts of ALLAHABAD, BOMBAY, CALCUTTA, LAHORE, MADRAS, PATNA arid RANGOON, the Courts of the Judicial Commissioners of CENTRAL PROVINCES, OUDH and SIND REPORTED IN The following 29 Legal Periodicals: Allahabad (1) Indian Law Reports, (2) Law Journal, (3) Law Reporter Allahabad; Bombay (1) Indian Law Reports, (2) Law Reporter; Calcutta (1) Indian Law Reports, (2) Law Journal, (3) Weekly Notes; Lahore (1) Indian Law Reports, (2) Law Journal, (3) Punjab Law Reporter; Madras (1) Indian Law Reports, (2) Law Journal, (3) Law Weekly, (4) Weekly Notes; Nagpur (1) Law Reports, (2) Law Journal; Oudh (1) Cases, (2) Law Journal, (3) Weekly Notes; Patna (1) Indian Law Reports, (2) Cases, (3) Law Reporter, (4) Law Times; Rangoon (1) Indian Law Reports, (2) Burma Law Journal; Sind Law Reporter; Criminal Law Journal and All India Reporter, WITH A large number of extra Rulings not reported elsewhere.

1923 All, 79 (Not followed) ., 603 Grish Ghunder Lahiri v.

It may ba said with regard to the 1st and 4th properties that the prices which were offer- ed were substantially equivalent to the prices at which the two properties were valued and that is certainly so. C.) On the same day the District Judge minutes: " put up in presence of Pleader." No date is mentioned as to when it should be put up.

Under such conditions no doubt the properties Wv)uld fetch what- ever they were really worth and what the public was ready to pay for them.

What exactly happened before the District Judge it is difficult to understand. File/' Whether this is tantamount to the dismissal of the appeal or whether this is tantamount to the ad- journment of it I do not know.