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Www bek sex sri lanka com

However, that marks the extent of sexual education any Sri Lankan child has received.

They must be provided with an entity to approach comfortably and speak freely of these matters. Sri Lanka needs to establish the implementation of classes and workshops to teach students about these topics.

We need to facilitate open conversation – without shame, and without stigma.

Sadly, even highly educated individuals belong to the group of people who sexually harass and rape.

Children are not educated regarding consent, and this can have a highly negative effect.

Furthermore, providing sexual education will provide schools with the opportunity to educate children and adolescents regarding consent.

Sexual harassment, rape, and street harassment are extremely common issues in today’s world.

To safeguard the population from these many dangers, this needs to be taught in schools across the country.

It is not productive to turn a blind eye and maintain pretence that adolescents do not need this education.

Thus teenagers may find it tough to approach anyone with questions and concerns, when confused about these areas and in times of difficulty as well.

Sexual education for adolescents has been recognized as a large concern globally.

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