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Was kabir bedi dating rekha smatret kino

In Benaras Brahmanism In the fifteenth century, Benaras was the seat of Brahmin orthodoxy and their learning center.

Brahmins ridiculed him for preaching to prostitutes and other low castes.

Kabir satirically denounced Brahmins and thus won hearts of people around him.

He often uses strong language to denounce the prevalent ritualism.

Of his works are 'Bijak', 'Granthavali', 'Shabdavali' and 'Anurag Saagar'. He had a galaxy of renowned disciples such as: Dharamdas Ji, Mir Taqi, Ganaka Ji, Pipa Ji, Dhanna Ji and Sadana Ji.

He was a strict monotheist and follower, probably founder, of Gurmat. He played the role of a teacher and social reformer by the medium of his writings.

In Guru Granth Sahib, There are 227 Padas in 17 ragas and 237 slokas of Kabir. Like other Devotees, Kabir did not believe in Ritualism, the worshiping of Dieties, Brahmanism, Caste System and illusioned concepts of Hindu and Muslim priests.

Kabir’s poetic personality has been variously defined by the religious traditions that revere him, and the same can be said for his s).