Start Updating ft 11r

Updating ft 11r

I had to connect the green and black cable on that power supply to trick it to think the computer is on, so that it delivers power to the graphic card.

My name is Tiz (short for Tiziano), old man from year 1977.

Licensed in 2005 with help of ILT school and Kurt, HB9LEW.

The other computer has a brand new graphic cards Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1080 and the rest is old computer parts tied together by Ubuntu Linux 16.04.

The GTX 1080 needs an additional dedicated power supply of 300W.

Best of Luck and of DX, 73 also from YL Vir, Martina, Maurizio and Michele!

This is my current shack built with help of Stefano, HB9FPO, the radio on the top is a Tokyo Crusader bought from old man and friend Paul, HB9TVZ.

It is fed on top as I think I need a high radiation angle because of the mountains. I took instructions from this youtube video and looking at web pages around the web.

These are the antenna characteristics straight from the Mini VNA BT Pro, in green SWR, in light blue impedance |Z|: It is resonant at 50.422Mhz with a SWR of 1.24.

This computer is currently used not for games, but as a CUDA supercomputer and to run BOINC ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and GPUGRID).

Another update on December 3 2016: this is a cluster with 2 Raspberry Pi 3 and a Xilinx FPGA (Spartan3, Logi Pi board on top by Valent FX, case by Mauri): This was my lab in the pavement, now dismantled (my call at the time was SWL HE9MZZ), the circuit on the left was a radiogoniometer, hey you guessed, it did not work either :-( This is the 6m delta loop built at the end of May 2014 with some PVC tubes, about 6m 11cm of earth wire, 1m 12cm of very old RG59 75 Ohm coax for television as matching part (velocity factor 0.79, measured with the mini VNA), old RG58 coax used in the first Ethernets about 25 years ago as transmission line and plenty of BNC connectors also used to connect computers in the very first Ethernet networks.

QTH in Poschiavo, Switzerland, small valley in the Alps close to the Bernina massive, 1111 meters above sea level.