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Greiner: I handle projects from start to finish, from the first contact with a client to delivery of a finished product, completing research, field work, computations and drafting.

Once my research is done, I enjoy compiling my work into a deed compilation map and striking out into the woods to find old — and often lost — boundary evidence.

The research is solving a sort of puzzle and the recon is validation of what I’ve learned.

Right after I passed the Land Surveyor In-Training Exam (LSIT), the bottom dropped out. I also will inquire what his office is up to in technology.

And I ended up bouncing between three survey companies while trying to stay in the industry. And when I say read, I don’t mean to merely let your eyes scroll across every word and sentence, but interact with the text. I also follow a few tech-savvy surveyors and publications on Linked In. Frankly, very few of the newer technologies change anything about the profession.

Greiner: Perhaps one of the best projects I’ve ever worked on was a dispute over a right-of-way easement created in the late 1800s.

I completed the research, field survey, and produced a color drawing of the easement in question.

The inability to carry out appropriate research has been the undoing of more than one surveyor in my state, and has met with lawsuits more than once. I hope that we can reverse this trend and continue to earn the public trust for our profession. Greiner, LS, started in the land surveying business when he was 12.

He has persevered through tough times in the business to become a licensed land surveyor in Connecticut, and has great perspective because of it. We began by creating a survey as a cooperative effort between several high level geospatial leaders, POB staff, and Clear Seas Research market research experts.

While laser scanning, UAVs and other exciting tech may be very useful, I think this emphasis may be at the detriment of learning, knowing and applying boundary law.

A surveyor may be able to measure between two iron pins with hyper-accuracy, but does his research demonstrate the importance of those iron pins?

A surveyor can become a photogrammetrist thanks to UAV technology, but does he or she understand the importance of lines of occupation and acquiescence?