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The defibrillator procedure is relatively common in people with weak heart muscle.

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They have over 40 years of nursing experience in Cardiology between them.

Yoginimary Sorry to hear about the situation your family is experiencing. Relative to the experience of having an implantable defribrillator, my husband had one (with a pacemaker) inserted several years ago. However, weighing the risk to benefit ratio (at least at this point in time) is probably the most significant factor. It has gone off a few times = nothing that required hospitalization..enough that signalled to him that there had been an event. All the folks on this venue who have read your post pray for the best result. He had an Aicd implant back in 2006 and his ejection fraction was 25% then.

Now I just try to care for him the best I know how and always remain positive, i have found the more I worry and fret the worse it is for him.

By me staying positive , it makes it easier for him to stay positive.

They’ll tell the person they are CFO at a company when they really [are] a CFH, custodial for hire.