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Both inadvertently illustrate why some of us still prefer to do it rather than talk about it.

The Newsline cover story by Shimaila Matri Dawood (who, I hasten to add, this writer held in high esteem till right about the time she decided to make legions of other Pakistanis never want to have sex again) was clearly a noble effort to shatter a dominant taboo about female sexuality, i.e., not talking about it.

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So there you have it, jargon, stereotype and cliché. He tells a delightful story about a little old lady whose "missing front teeth and loss of hearing in one ear" bore witness to "the viciousness of her husbands beatings." In one fell swoop, Newsline has invented the perfect anti-aphrodisiac.

This particular issue could well be repackaged and sold as The Diminisher, The Deflator, The Emasculator!

She works in a bank or a multinational, drinks, smokes, has boyfriends.

At weddings, she wraps herself in her latest Indian Satya Paul sari, a garment which was banned in government offices in the Zia era.

For example, an extract from Naila Baloch’s "Why I Want To Talk About Sex": “In order to transform the dominant paradigms of relationships in our lives, based primarily on manipulation, power and control, I feel a stark need for us to connect to sources of power within ourselves, most potently through opening up to our own sexuality.

We need, as men and women, to connect to our sexuality in a more loving, nurturing and non-dominant manner, seeing it as a sharing, as opposed to a conquering, and seeing women’s engagement with their sexuality not as shameful (an attitude that many women themselves internalize) but as natural, exuberant, joyful and a cause for mutual celebration!

Note to feminists out to liberate Pakistani women from the shackles of sexual repression: please don’t.