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Sex worker hisar

Driving the surge in demand are consumers from across the social spectrum.

Hiring Potential candidates express both interest and willingness to work in a niche but growing sector.

Samir says their employees are very comfortable in their working space, and though Raj's team "did see slight hesitation from women team-mates in the past, ironically, 70% of our team today comprise women".

Kottayam, Aizawl, Hapur (UP), Varanasi, Aurangabad and Nandyal are among the several smaller cities that feature in the site’s list of top 100 Indian cities.

He goes on to add that at least 10% of his clients consist of senior bureaucrats, police officers and IAS officers: “None of them view adult products from a negative angle.” Most products are imported.

For example, while having a dildo may not be illegal, one in the shape and colour of genitals could invite trouble, he explains.

“While the purpose of adult products remains the same since Day One, their visual designs, packaging and applications have made huge strides in consumer-friendliness.

2015 however saw Tier-II & III cities quickly catching up.