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“The central aspect of ‘love and longing’ was well beyond the social and anatomical construct in the story.

By then, Vasudhendra had already published 12 books and was being hailed as the next Masti Venkatesha Iyengar of Kannada literature.

The cover showed a naked man crouching against a dark massive tree trunk.

Ironically, the book was released on December 11, 2013, the same day the Supreme Court upheld Section 377 that criminalises gay sex.

The book had lost (me) a few readers but it also created a new genre of readers,” he says.

This week, the English translation of Mohanaswamy was launched by Harper Perennial India, giving his writing a far wider base of readers.

He said that she had gone to visit her relative three days ago.

Various Kannada TV channels ran different versions of the story on Sunday.

Looking back at the furore his book caused, he says that he had no option but to open up on the question of his sexual identity through the book.“It took me more than four years to put out all the stories of the Mohanaswamy collection together since it was painful in the beginning to confront my own sexuality. His early works were built on his own life experiences – they dealt with his growing-up years in the small town of Sandur, near Bellary, and the urbanization of the mining town where rapacious commerce was bringing in wealth but also drastically changing human relationships. When Mohanaswamy was published as a single story in Desha Kala, it had elicited a rather curious response. The author does not see himself as an activist in the conventional sense. Same-sex love in Kannada literature Vasudhendra is not the first or the only writer to deal with homosexuality in Kannada literature.