Start Scrubs dating coma wife

Scrubs dating coma wife

"My Case Study" features Lawrence and Ken Jenkins (Dr.

finds it tough to invent enough drama to keep Jamie interested in their relationship. Cox gets sucked into teaching a seminar on proper doctor/patient interaction that ends up like The Breakfast Club. My Dream Job () (Originally aired April 17, 2003) Spence (guest star Ryan Reynolds), J. and Turk's buddy from college, is in town but the fun he brings eventually gets them in trouble. Kelso picks out to ride; his watchful eye and acid tongue eventually do succeed in making her question her future in medicine. Cox finds out who the father of Jordan's baby is and he is less than thrilled.

Disc One also holds the first three of the set's six audio commentaries, all featuring creator Bill Lawrence with different cast members.

| DVD and Blu-ray Reviews | DVD & Blu-ray Release Schedule | Upcoming Cover Art | Search This Site Scrubs on DVD: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Season 8 Season 9 Show & DVD Details Directors: Michael Spiller, Marc Buckland, several others Regular Cast: Zach Braff (Dr. While it's only about half as long as Season 1's central making-of piece, it treads similar ground in a pleasing and non-redundant manner. It's a brief but insightful and unabashed interview short with one of the boldest personalities on the series.

Blair), Tom Cavanagh (Dan Dorian), Lane Davies (Dr. Bragin), David Copperfield (Himself), John Ritter (Sam Dorian), Richard Kind (Mr. There's even Ted the Lawyer's vocal group performing the "Scrubs" theme song in their unique style. Mc Ginley recalling the audition experience, the nature of his character, how familiar he was with his co-stars at the start of the show, and other such topics.

Elliot is the first to discover the Janitor has a nice and helpful side. Though most of the newly-created footage is culled from the same interview setups employed for Season 1's supplements, it is incredibly fascinating, entertaining and well worth viewing by those who enjoy the show. "A Rare Condition" () is something of a general making-of piece which focuses on three areas: production design, costuming, and stunts.

My Karma () (Originally aired February 6, 2003) JD and Turk are convinced that their rooftop golfing antics have caused a terrible car accident and given them some bad karma. Speaking of which, Jordan shares a secret with JD about her forthcoming baby. My Own Private Practice Guy () (Originally aired March 13, 2003) J. quickly becomes friends with too slick private practice doctor (guest star Jay Mohr), and he thinks their bonding is making Dr. Carla is worried that she's lost her kick when she can't arouse the narcoleptic guy. Again, the bonus features here are heads and shoulders above what Buena Vista's other sitcom box sets have offered.

Scrubs became well known for its focus on Character Development, the extensive supporting cast and recurring characters, the largely accurate medicine and politics surrounding it and paying attention to the gradual progression of the careers of the young doctors (how they go from interns to residents to attending physicians and eventually department heads). all showed up (the latter for only 6 episodes), the focus was on a new group of interns, with intern Lucy Bennett largely replacing J.

spent its first seven seasons on NBC, but moved to ABC for its eighth campaign.

D.'s crossword help winds up turning every Asian in the hospital against him and a piece of jerky creates trouble for Elliot and Paul. Kelso for a new one; when that fails, Cox comes up with a joke that goes further than he imagined. Cox finds it difficult to spend time with Jordan's baby. I'm not sure if the makers of "Scrubs" switched to a better film stock or opted for a less gritty look in the sophomore year, but Season 2's video looked considerably cleaner and more detailed than the debut season's DVDs.

when he has to inform a non-English speaking patient of his case's severity and to tell the Janitor he happened to spot what could be melanoma in a most unusual place. My Drama Queen () (Originally aired April 10, 2003) Carla struggles to cope with the death of her mother and decides she and Turk should get married right away. Two of these storylines come together for another cliffhanger finale.

Though troubled by the fact that her husband is in a coma, J. The element is completely clean and the visuals are consistently more cinematic than your typical multi-camera sitcom.