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Lyman was able to get his wife out of the house and went back in for his baby girl. Samantha (19 yrs.) is 95% burned all over her body. She is desperately fighting for her life as her body will not retain fluids. Desiree (15 yrs.) Samantha's cousin that was spending the night with them the night before the explosion is 15% burned mostly on her hands and face. Her recovery has been jump started, and she is already walking and talking!

Our Bhabhi who has for years now found herself in precarious situation finds herself in the most precarious situation till date!

She not only has to find a way to get herself out of it, but also help out the two best friends Suraj and Hari AND save the world in the process.

Sweet baby Emery (8 mo.) is 28% burned mostly on her hands. Their house and all their belongings were completely burned up.