Start Roshon fegan dating chelsie

Roshon fegan dating chelsie

Even though Paula's latest scheme to get Rebecca and Josh together, which involves Rebecca telling Josh that she has started dating an old colleague from Harvard, does have the intended promised effect of getting the two of them together for dinner, it doesn't quite turn out the way Paula had envisioned. Hernandez simultaneously come up with a brainchild for which they just have to flesh out the details: Rebecca has to manufacture something for which she will be Josh's lawyer, so that they would have to spend time together.

PHOTOS: Incredible DWTS body makeovers Once viewer votes were tallied, duos Gladys Knight and Tristan Mac Manus, and Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower weren't so lucky.

Knight and Fegan faced off in a dramatic dance duel, doing simultaneous jives--each pair hoping to convince the judging panel to let them stay on to dance another week.

When Paula finally convinces her, the party turns out to be nothing like they anticipated.

2 November 2015In an attempt to get her mind off of Josh, Rebecca flirts with notions of having sex with a stranger and settling for Greg.

Rebecca takes drastic measures to prove she is a good person, which includes helping Darryl with his messy divorce.

16 November 2015Paula keeps Rebecca under video surveillance when she's invited to Josh's family's Thanksgiving.

1 February 2016When Rebecca finds out that Josh is volunteering at a summer camp, she tags along, hoping to rekindle their teenage romance.