Start Piper perabo dating women

Piper perabo dating women

The 34-year-old appeared at an event in New York on Monday for the USA network looking practically unrecognisable.

by her rep, Piper Perabo joined the wonderful world of married celebrities in a ceremony in New York City.

Once the ceremony ended beautifully with the official announcement and introduction of Mr. Stephen Kay, a New Orleans-style band traveled along with them as they headed to a nearby reception to celebrate.

Playing Annie Walker, a young CIA trainee unexpectedly sent out into the field, Piper has a very action-packed role.

And it looks as if she will be sticking to TV after working in both movies and the stage.

Ever since breaking out in the states in "300," Lena Headey has been lighting up the small and silver screen playing strong, iconic women.

Over 20 years ago, Headey's film career was jump-started by a chance encounter at the Royal National Theatre in high school.

This is definitely a lost art that many other celebrities have completely forgotten or even ignored in recent years, choosing to keep their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers updated with every single aspect of their professional personal lives.