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Paul mccartney dating attorney

According a recent court filing, Sony and Sir Paul have been engaging in substantial back-and-forth about these notices for at least the last few months, with Sir Paul seeking assurances that he will regain his copyrights without resorting to litigation, which may cloud his title.

With the termination window for many Beatles songs fast approaching, and with an eye to Duran Duran’s recent disappointment, Sir Paul Mc Cartney recently filed suit in New York.

At the height of The Beatles’ popularity, and well into his solo career, Sir Paul assigned copyrights to his musical works to a number of companies, with Sony eventually obtaining these rights.

Sir Paul is seeking a declaratory judgment in connection with 15 termination notices (covering over 250 titles), effectively seeking to recapture his rights to a large portion of The Beatles’ catalogue and his solo efforts.

The effective date for the terminations has yet to arrive, so it is possible that the federal court will decide that the parties’ discussions (which can be read to be no more than “negotiations” at present) have not yet ripened in an actual “case or controversy” sufficient to give a federal court jurisdiction to hear this case under the U.

In response to these US termination notices, Gloucester Place Music sued Duran Duran in English court, claiming that the notices violated the contracts between the band and Gloucester Place.

The English court agreed with Gloucester Place, finding that by sending the notices, Duran Duran was in breach of its contracts.

Under Section 304, the author must serve notice in advance, between ten and two years before the termination date.