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Offenders sentenced under the determinate sentencing structure are also eligible to earn good time credits during their period of post-release supervision at a rate of 50 percent.

____________________________________________________________________________ Is smoking allowed by staff and inmates? The KDOC became a tobacco-free environment in March 2003. Fans are purchased with Inmate Benefit Fund monies for indigent inmates.

However, inmates housed in facilities with or without appropriate circulation or air-handling systems are permitted to have an electric fan in their cell/bunk-area except as required for safety and/or security considerations.

Depending on skill level, inmates may earn from $0.45 to $1/05 per day.

Are inmates compensated when assigned to work programs?

Eligible inmates are allowed to possess electronic equipment in an effort to prevent problems due to inmate idleness.

Who provides funding for inmates to obtain electronic equipment while in prison?

Good time credits withheld or forfeited on post-release supervision will result in the offender remaining under supervision for a longer period of time.

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