Start National coalition against domestic violence dating violence facts

National coalition against domestic violence dating violence facts

The women who were NCADV’s first leaders came together to create an organization that would establish a national voice, create public awareness, provide technical assistance to developing programs, provide continuing education for advocates, and build a strong and active network to provide services in cities and towns across the United States.

NCADV chose consensus, rather than Robert’s Rules of Order, as its formal decision-making process, believing that in order for the best decision to be made all voices and life experiences at the table must be included and supported.

Caucuses were established to give an organizational place of power and voice to groups traditionally silenced by the majority.

The caucuses that have been established are Battered/Formerly Battered Women; Women of Color; Jewish Women; Rural; Child and Youth Advocacy; Rainbow Pride; and Queer People of Color.

While it’s scary to think that your child may be experiencing violence, it can be devastating to wonder if your child is hurting someone else.

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