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Online dating is a daunting prospect, and there are dozens of sites proclaiming their match-making success.

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All you need for this easy-to-use system is a computer, a mic, speakers and a decent Internet connection.

Setting up a profile is time-consuming and fairly complex, but the site’s search tools help you make the most of all this info.

Due to the amount of detail involved in setting up a Match profile, it’s best to sign up on a computer rather than a smartphone.

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We don’t try to backdoor our partners into long term exclusive agreementsand believe all relationships should be built on being open, complete trustand honesty and this drives the data we provide to you.

We are driving what your users are thinking of next and in order to do that we need to put the focus on your users and allof our systems are designed to understand your users which is why we have continued to lead the way with our patentpending native technology.

All you have to do is fill in the returns form supplied with your order and post it back to us.

It is important you notify us by email, within 14 days of receiving your order that you would like a refund.

For this unique calling service you need nothing but Flashplayer, a microphone and headphones.