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Married dating in clayton north carolina

More than 50,000 North Carolinians seek domestic violence services each year.

But we know the far-reaching harmful consequences are a real possibility.

The real danger of Amendment One is to domestic violence victims, their children, and loved ones should the amendment pass.

Our members are a group of active adults and the word "senior" does not apply.

Many of the homicides were committed by someone to whom the victim was not married.

Victims of domestic violence deserve the right to protect themselves and their children.

If Amendment One passes courts may no longer recognize unmarried couples as having a “personal relationship.” Unmarried domestic violence victims could be denied domestic violence protective orders.

This is not just hypothetical; it happened in Ohio when a similar, but less restrictive, amendment was passed.

Under North Carolina’s anti-domestic violence statute (which is known as “50B”), victims of domestic violence who have had a “personal relationship” with the abuser have certain protections.