Start Lena headey and piper perabo speculation

Lena headey and piper perabo speculation

Today, the actress plays character-you-love-to-hate Cersei Lannister in the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones," but, this Friday, the actress will return to theaters as the popular warrior queen for another go-round in "300: Rise of an Empire." From hilarious fan encounters to her love of horror films, here are 15 things you probably don't know about Lena Headey. Headey was born in Bermuda, where her father -- a Yorkshire police cadet -- was stationed.

“You just see the world in a way you hadn’t planned to.” Now she’ll see the world through Maggie’s eyes, which are focused on her family.

“It’s sort of why she gets up every day,” says Perabo, “why she puts herself through this grind to keep the lights on.

“When you get sent somewhere to film, it sort of forces you to explore things that you never even considered.

We were in Istanbul and there were already [Syrian] refugees coming over the Turkish border and sleeping along the banks of the Bosphorus,” says the actress.

is a 2005 British-American Romantic Comedy about a newlywed who finds herself falling in love with someone else - the lonely woman who arranged the wedding flowers.

As she's walking down the aisle to her husband-to-be.

Perabo plays Maggie, a single mom who re-unites with her ex-husband to find their daughter, who is missing in a snowstorm.

“The writing was very true—the stress-love cocktail of a family. I have this line like, ‘I’m 23 bucks away from busting the electric bill.’ She’s really at the edge financially. You’re near breaking all the time.”—a difference in just that: white collar to blue.

And that’s what I could relate to,” the actress muses. And I think that kind of stress day-to-day on a single mom . While Maggie never leaves her hometown, marries (and divorces) her high-school sweetheart, and struggles to make ends meet, Annie travels the world, speaks seven languages, and solves international crimes.

Plus, the show is filmed on location, quite literally, all over the world.

Lena is not an attention hound (something I cover in my interview), yet I don’t want to ascribe the “painfully shy” tag to her, because once she’s sitting at a table across from you, away from the press of people, she opens right up.