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Kurdish girl rapedwww vedios

In Kurdistan, honour crimes are still being committed at the rate of three or four a week and, despite a recent tightening of the law, offenders are still going unpunished or receiving light sentences.

While the men were talking, Ala overheard what was going on.

She was upstairs at a computer having a discussion on MSN Messenger with her cousin Jwan.

That was why it had to be done why his brothers daughter had to die.

In Kurdistan- Iraq as elsewhere in parts of south Asia and the Middle East they would not even have needed to bother hiding the body.

Jwan warned her to be careful: Theyll kill you next. This too the family council meeting, a kind of crisis-management team was a cultural tradition the Mahmods had brought with them from their rural tribal homeland in the Sulaimaniyah district of Kurdistan, where their land and property titles and powerful ancestors had bestowed upon them the inherited title of agha lord which went with their name.

Ala said she was not going to sit and keep quiet about something like this, it was too serious. Who gives a shit what some flippin immigrant butchers think. Ari Mahmod Babakir Agha was the head of the family, one of four brothers who were all now living with their wives and children in south London.

But despite his misdeeds, Mitchams answer to Tony Montana had not apparently brought shame into Mahmods home a modest semidetached house on Morden Road, with gnomes on the flat roof over the front door. Before coming to the UK he had arranged for his daughters to be circumcised a shocking, traumatic ritual carried out by the girls grandmother, with their heads wedged in her lap while two other female relatives helped pin them down.

No, as his nephew Azad told me, it was the girls who were the problem: people looked at Mahmods family and said they produced whores. Bekhal, Mahmods third daughter, who was about 10 at the time, had accidentally found the clitoridectomy kit beforehand a sharp knife, a bottle of alcohol and some cotton wool not knowing what it was for until she peered in through the window and saw what was going on, and ran away, only to be dragged back to take her turn.

Everyone else would arrange themselves humbly around him.

The police never could figure out quite what Mahmods business was, or if he worked at all, but Ari owned a supermarket on the Wandsworth Road in south London, rental properties, a banking business moving money between Kurdistan and the UK, and almost certainly a sideline, arranging visas and falsifying details for immigration.

Ari was not the only one who thought Mahmod was weak.