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Recent research published by Acas suggests that employers risk losing out on talented young people due to concerns about employing those with visible tattoos and piercings.

Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) provide an system to study oocyte development and potentially treat female infertility.

However, most studies of ESC differentiation to oocytes have not documented fundamental properties of endogenous development, making it difficult to determine the physiologic relevance of differentiated germ cells.

Many is the dress code policy and wide is the handbook that contains an out-of-date and ill-policed code. It is a workplace matter that cuts across the gender divide and affects people on a daily basis.

Corinne & Krystyna want to make the world a more sex-positive place..candid story of intercourse at a time.

Clearly this is a major issue which affects people in a very real way.

But how many employers really grapple with it well?

In particular, they need to be alert to religious sensitivities, as well as possible age, sex and race discrimination.

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