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We’re always on the lookout for more, but just in case of new zero day variants, remember that with encrypting ransomware the best protection is going to be a good backup solution.

These words can be slang or catchy words, and can also be combined into Kanglish [Kannada English].

For instance, "just maja maadi", meaning, "chill out", is a phrase popularized by one of the city's radio stations.

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"Enjoy maadi" and "swalpa adjust maadi" are other such popular Kanglish phrases.

A new ransomware has been discovered and what sets apart this variant from the rest is its implementation of a chat interface embedded into the product.

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The rest of the drill with this ransomware is pretty standard – “scr” extension on the encrypted files, Volume Shadow service is deleted, decryptor tool is provided to decrypt your files after paying ransom.

Pad Crypt infection samples: Dropped files: 17822a81505e56b8b695b537a42a7583 (package.pdcr) 7d2822aedddd634900a4c009ef0791a9 (unistl.pdcr) Webroot will catch this specific variant in real time before any encryption takes place.

Currently the Command and Control servers are down so currently there is no encryption being performed and we were unable to chat with any “developer” to see what they would say.