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Joseph rainie dating

By the 1850s, Edward Rainey could afford to buy two male slaves for his family.

At first, he dug trenches to fortify the outskirts of Charleston.

He later worked as a cook and a steward aboard a blockade runner, a Confederate ship charged with carrying tradable goods through the Union Navy’s blockade of the South. The self–governed British colony had abolished slavery in 1834, and proved a hospitable home for the Raineys, who took advantage of the thriving economy and growing population that resulted from the lucrative blockade–running business.

In 1867, Rainey returned to Georgetown, South Carolina, and became the Republican county chairman.

When a state constitutional convention was called in 1868, Rainey traveled to Charleston to represent Georgetown.

Born into slavery, Joseph Rainey was the first African American to serve in the U. House of Representatives, the first African American to preside over the House, and the longest–serving African American during the tumultuous Reconstruction period.

While Rainey’s representation—like that of the other 21 black Representatives of the era—was symbolic, he also demonstrated the political nuance of a seasoned, substantive Representative, balancing his defense of southern blacks’ civil rights by extending amnesty to the defeated Confederates.

Rainey used his earnings to buy his family’s freedom in the early 1840s, and in 1846 the family moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where Edward became a barber at the exclusive Mills House Hotel.