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Jehovahs witness dating website

How sincere is someone who states that he wants to become a “full-time pioneer and an elder,” but looks like he’s on the run from the police?

Your personal details are kept safe and completely private. might be alive and well, but by far the majority of subscribers to the service seem to be in pretty dire straits – socially.

A high percentage of the brothers adorn themselves with facial hair of various cuts and styles – making you wonder how loyal they are to the Watchtower’s rather strict grooming guidelines – or if they are really Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I’m sorry – but if I was a lonely sister looking for a new lover – some of these fellows would absolutely creep me out.

Partners in the Truth"Partners In The Truth offers worldwide introductions services exclusively for Jehovah's Witnesses.

Established in May of 2000; Our membership grows with each passing day.

You can almost hear their frustration when you read their captions and personal details.

A fair percentage of the women on the site admit to having children.

a university/HND graduate, must be cute, pretty and naturally fair in complexion, Preferably a native of Yoruba in Nigeria, age should not exceed 29, friendly and outgoing. I ever joint in Bethel as a commuter when I was as a regular pioneer few years ago.