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Almost all western men state that they lack devotion in the relation with their women and their women often dump them, sometimes even without any explanation, because western women are not as devoted as Russian women.

The devotion in love is the distinguishing quality of Russian and Ukraine women and many Russian women dream to get married according to the rite of the Orthodox Church and take the church oath promising, "I vow to stay with my husband in grief and joy until death separates us" and they are not empty words for them, because marriage is the most sacred thing for Russian women.

They are very good housewives making their homes warm, cosy and comfortable.

Russian women do not expect great profits from loving their men, they are genuinely selfless, and often sacrifice their careers and lives for them whom they love.

What could be more wonderful than waiting for a chance to see your beloved one and then just enjoy being with her?

Looking into her eyes and kissing her sweet lips, caressing her tender body and just being sure that she feels the same as you do? Mutual Love gives you wings, it lifts you up to heaven, but unrequited Love brings you sufferings, breaks your heart, but it does not leave without advantage - enables to estimate, to comprehend our feelings.

Love is like a great wave of tsunami, If it hits you, it will capture your heart forever. Do not regret if you are drowned in the wave, Because Love is the sweetest thing you may have.