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Galecki dating

Waissel married model Brad Alphonso in 2012, but the couple split after just two months of marriage.

Katie Waissel resembles Kaley Cuoco with her blonde locks and cute face, and she’s a fan of Instagram just like Johnny Galecki’s ex.

However, she’s a bit of a wild child who has a rocker chick sense of style, and she has more than a few tattoos.

I get it.’” She also opened up about how her divorce.

Johnny Galecki was spotted sneaking out to Katie Waissel’s car and unsuccessfully attempting to hide in the backseat. She continues to make music with her rock band, Red Velvet.

Alas, they’re just friends — the proof is in the adorable pics, which you can check out right here!

Kaley posted a photo of her and Johnny giving each other a fist bump on Instagram on Oct. She wrote: “So sorry to disappoint , but no home wreckers or secret flings going on here.

She recently showed off a few of them in a sexy , Waissel’s grandmother, Sheila Vogel, made headlines in the UK after it was revealed that the 81-year-old was working as a prostitute for a company called Vintage Vamps.