Start Fractionation dating women

Fractionation dating women

Lastly, you can grab her attention by starting a conversation, then bowing out before it gets too deep.

The conversation also leaves a permanent impression on the woman you like, because it wasn’t shallow.

Open up about something random that most people get sad about, like a traumatic breakup.

If you’re willing to push boundaries, you can open up about a relative or pet that recently died.

It is said that fractionation is the process of seducing a woman using psychological techniques.

Fractionation is a technique invented by Neuro Linguistic Programming expert, John Grinder, and renowned psychologist, Carl Jung.

And the seduction part was developed by different “experts” on women, like Neil Strauss and Derek Rake.

The concept of fractionation seduction takes advantage of information gained from advanced human psychology and hypnosis.

Those who promote fractionation say that the method will work as quickly as 15 minutes, but that isn’t exactly true.