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Founder dating techcrunch

Until very recently, there were two companies to help you along: Co Founders Lab and Founder Dating.

This group is essentially a community of people and projects devoted to a certain platform or API.

For example, Flickr is currently piloting with Collab Finder and sending developers interested in using the Flickr API to Collab Finder.

Instead, the app allows for a more traditional free-for-all.

Available for i OS, with an Android version to follow, the app claims 100,000 downloads to date, with around 10,000 daily actives — the majority of which are based in Canada, Australia, Netherlands, France, Denmark, and Sweden.

But as added protection, Collab Finder only lets creators on the website, including engineers, scientists, designers, writers, and artists.

If you’re interested in finding your professional soul mate, head on over to Collab Finder now and sign up.

“There are only few apps we count as our serious competitors: Tinder, Badoo and Happn.

The rest are almost dead or never been alive,” Balaclava Lab’s Ilja Terebin tells me.

“If you give people interested in making apps a place to collaborate and make projects together, you’ll have much better projects and apps,” said Collab Finder founder Sahadeva Hammari.

“We’ve seen teams make more and better projects than individuals.” Here’s how it works: Anyone can sign up through Facebook, which automatically shows all of your connections within the Collab Finder website. A group is created by a company, organization or city.

Group creators, such as Flickr, Harvest, and e Bay to start, pay a base fee of $35 each month to foster their communities on Collab Finder.