Start Fake sexchat app

Fake sexchat app

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While Google has since taken down the fake version of the game down from the store, some reviews still claim there are numerous ads.

And, on the lock screen, it literally says, "Fake-Text-Message-App", and not "Messaging" like it should, this kind of defeats the purpose, you can really tell it's fake from the lock screen.

However, pretty much every app has its drawbacks, and there are much worse ones out there, so until I find a PERFECT app, I'll just keep using this. It's fun and amazing, yet, it can be easily known that it's fake. Well first of all, it's great, BUT (don't mean to be rude with capitals it just that there ain't any italics) it's really outdated and can easily be found out that's it's a fake texting app! I love it because you can actually receive the text then slide to open it like a real message BUT the message is the wrong i OS update and when the notification appears on the home screen, it says 'new message' then it says 'so and so sent you a message' where it should say the message.

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