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Fake se xchatting

This means that you can type a message to Assistant when you're offline, you can send an Assistant query and let it process in the background while you switch to another app, then get notified when it has an answer for you.

Beside doing regular Google searches, Assistant can comb through your own personal stuff.

It can look for your past or upcoming flights, hotel reservations, agenda, and search for keywords in your email.

Another problem I often face with OK Google searches is that each one is processed as a new instance, creating countless Google windows in my Recents apps that I either have to delete (and thus re-do to get the results again should I need them) or keep and clutter up my multitasking screen to a high extent.

In that extent, Assistant is very akin to OK Google and its multitude of commands, but it's still limited.

If Google is aiming to invade your home and become the center of your searches and automations, I think this modified behavior from OK Google is crucial.

Because who wants to repeat the same command 3 times until Google understands what they're saying?

Facebook, Whats App, SMS, Snapchat, Hangouts, Telegram, are all our hubs for reaching out to friends, family members, coworkers, and other acquaintances, so why not use that same approach to talk to an artificial entity too?