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Dave grohl dating history

She knew far more about the music business than he did, and Hole’s career was accelerating as quickly as Nirvana’s at the time.

Kurt mentioned the heart-shaped box and thanked Courtney for it.

It touched her that he’d noticed, but soon she went on to other topics, spewing forth a stream-of-consciousness rap that included producers, critics, Sonic Youth, guitar-playing, cough syrup brands, and songwriting, among other brief stops.

The setting was the Satyricon, a small, dimly lit nightclub in Portland, Oregon.

Kurt was there for a Nirvana gig; Courtney had come with a friend who was dating a member of the opening band, the wonderfully named Oily Bloodmen.

They parted that night but Courtney followed Nirvana’s career the way a baseball pitcher in the American League might follow the exploits of a National League player.

She read Nirvana’s clips in the rock press, and she put Kurt’s Chim Chim sticker on her guitar case, even though she remained unconvinced about the band—their early material was too metal for her.

There was beer on the floor.” She was glad her comment had gotten attention, but she hadn’t expected to be pinned to the floor by this little waif of a boy.

For his part, Kurt hadn’t counted on his opponent being so tough: She was three inches taller than he was, and stronger.

Already infamous in Portland, Love was holding court in a booth when she saw Kurt walk by a few minutes before his band was set to appear onstage. “You look like Dave Pirner,” she said to him, meaning the remark to sound like a small insult, but also a flirt.

Kurt did look a bit like Pirner, the lead singer of Soul Asylum, as his hair had grown long and tangled—he washed it just once a week, and then only with bar soap.

Kurt later would say he was immediately attracted to Love: “I probably wanted to fuck her that night, but she left.” But the day he met Courtney, he still had a girlfriend, and she was with him.