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That comes with a lot of good things (often including an endless supply of baked goods, too), but it also means you both will be considering each other in the decisions you make, or at the very least, be considerate enough to include each other in your own decision-making process. ”Realize if you're making a decision — whether it's how to spend your summer or what city you'll live in for the next few years — and you do want to consider your girlfriend in your choices, maybe you shouldn't be in that relationship. But, if you're dating her, I'm assuming you care about her.

And, if you care about her, be considerate enough to her to take the time to think through your relationship before stringing her along. But, more often than not, our early-20s see a lot of breakups and heartbreaks.

Leave the tough guy act at the bar or on the football field.

When dealing with someone you care about, you're doing a lot more harm than good by lying about your feelings instead of being slightly vulnerable.

Next time you're having a problem — whether you're confused about whether you're on the same page or you're having trouble making sacrifices for her — I have an easier solution for you: Think through your issue and just tell her.

She might surprise you, or you might find you shouldn't be in that relationship. There's nothing more frustrating for us than being left in the dark. I studied political science at the University of Florida, where I founded the UF honors program's magazine, "Prism." I'm a classic always-busy Type A personality but a yoga-convert, addicted to The Economist and obsessed with all things puppy.

Thank you so much for the times that I could be on here and chat to people.