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Dating barbedienne bronzes

Many of these went on to achieve their own fame as artists: Antoine Bourdelle, Camille Claudel, Charles Despiau, Malvina Hoffmann.

The photographs of two-dimensional objects are also in the public domain.

For instance, in 1880 the first was 28 inches (71 centimeters) high.

In 1898 it was reduced to 14 ¾ inches (38 centimeters), and in 1903-4 it was enlarged to a monumental 79 inches (201 centimeters).

And during the period from 1885-1917 Rodin was the most modern and most admired living sculptor. For instance, between 18, the Barbedienne Foundry cast 231 bronzes of was a popular wedding present) and each subject was available in four sizes.