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Cynthia kirchner dating

Cynthia Kirchner tends to deprive herself of pleasure, friendship and love, either because she feels she does not deserve it or she thinks it is wrong to enjoy life too much.

When she is not actively involved, she is not comfortable.

Cynthia Kirchner actually prefers a rather rambunctious, feisty, competitive atmosphere to a peaceful one.

Cynthia Kirchner takes offense rather quickly and her instincts are to fight, defend or act first, and ask questions later.

She has a tendency for impatience, irritability and outbursts of temper, especially in response to minor frustrations.

Cynthia Kirchner may have traveled extensively in her early years, or something in her background may have enabled her to understand and identify with many different types of people or cultures.

Kirchner has a craving for things that are far away and foreign, or that she has never experienced before.

She may also think of herself as unattractive or unlovable, and thus close her heart to opportunities to share love and companionship, never quite believing that others actually like her.