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Backdating attendance allowance

You can ask for a payment that covers the benefit you have lost, as well as an additional amount to cover interest on the arrears.

This might cover the cost of telephone calls or stamps, for example.

You may be entitled to compensation if the DWP causes a significant delay and the arrears of benefit are £100 or more and the compensation would be at least £10.

A claimant must show that they need help in connection with their bodily functions or need continual supervision.

The commission said that moving Attendance Allowance to local government would “help create the simpler, graduated pathway of support that we seek”.

If you're refused an interim payment, you can't appeal to a tribunal, but you may be able to apply for judicial review of the decision.

You can ask for a discretionary payment if you lose money because of a delay in payment of benefit.

You can also ask for an interim payment of benefit, which you'll get if the DWP believes you're entitled to some benefit but it's not possible for the claim to be dealt with immediately.