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Application screenupdating

While looking into Excel VBA performance issues I learned that some desktop search tools implement event listeners (probably to better track document contents as it changes).

Doing this should help improve the performance of your code: ‘Get current state of various Excel settings; put this at the beginning of your code screen Update State = Application. : This setting tells Excel to stop showing status while False.

For example, if you use VBA to copy/paste a range, while the paste is completing Excel will show the progress of that operation on the status bar.

(Thanks to Doug Jenkins for pointing this out in my earlier post).

: A good description of this setting already exists: (Thanks to David Mc Ritchie for pointing this out).

Consider the performance gains by implementing your code’s functionality via XLL / C-API.

An overview and supporting materials for the SDK can be found here:

Value ‘ read all the values at once from the Excel grid, put into an array For Irow = 1 To 10000 For Icol = 1 To 3 My Var = Data Range(Irow, Icol) If My Var 0 Then My Var=My Var*Myvar ‘ Change the values in the array Data Range(Irow, Icol) = My Var End If Next Icol Next Irow Range(“A1: C10000”).