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I have been through everything you've described and would like to add a few more comments about your experiences.

One of the reasons women overeat is to suppress painful feelings and memories.

As triple warmer was sedated and spleen strengthened, these feelings surfaced.

Registering the unsettled feelings, triple warmer became threatened about having let its guard down and having given more power to the spleen meridian, and it reflexively overreacted, causing a transitional roller coaster response.

Overall, the whole process, although difficult, has felt positive.

the first was 'okay' but still sedating and making me tired, the SRI and tricyclics made me so tired, sedated and even ANGRY, it was crazy.

so, my answer is "not that i know of / from what i have tried". John's wort and 5-HTP, but that didnt really have much of any effect on me either...

But our motto has evolved from "free your body" to "sedating triple warmer is not for sissies!

" Would you please comment on our process and theory? "Sedating triple warmer is not for sissies" says it all!

Old personal issues were/are reappearing and creating momentary chaos.

My theory regarding this process relates to addiction work.

I am starting per my docs rx with pristiq and taking 1/4 a tablet for the first week for startup , maybe thats too low?