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PRESENTED The University of Toronto BY J'HE CANADA DUCATIONAL MONTH LY-f^-^ AND "SCHOOL magazine;^ Edited by G. He sits all day, steadily cutting sections, so small that he is obliged to use a hand-lens to find them ; yet in his enthusiastic delight he exclaims : " You cannot imagine how this work fascinates me." (2) Mr. A., of Johns- Hopkins University, holder of a scholarship — a most careful, thorough and studious Physiologist, to whom any failure owing to error of commis- sion or omission in an experiment is a source of self-accusing condemna- tion. There are many other aspects of this new foundation (only five years old) which might interest you, but I fear I already tire your patience. About three and a-half millions were left for its endow- ment.

I also visited the Mathematical Seminary, where I heard things incomprehensible and unutter- able (by me).

Arts Examinations, University of Toronto 252, 314 A Talk to Young Teachers on Primary Reading 115 An Inspector. Common Errors in Speech and their Correction 106, 166 H. On this occasion we took rail to a little station six miles from the city, which brought us to the edge of a beautiful ravine.

During the fine weather it is the cus- tom for this club to go weekly out in- to the country, or the vicinity of Bal- timore, and work up its natural his- tory.

As illustrating the class of students that avail themselves of this Univer- sity, let me take as examples three men working at the table in the Bio- logical Laboratory : (i) Mr.